This week, Anja and me decided we should check out Lauba's new exhibtion called "Superheroes 2.0".
Lauba is Zagreb's house of people and art located in the neighbourhood of Črnomerec.
Since we are both CRAZY about MARVEL/DC comicbooks, movies, shows, etc. we just had to check out this cool show. 
At the first glance, all of the artists are enchanted by superheroes. But then you notice the subtle aesthetics of superheroes on two levels – historical and artistic. The chosen artists work in five classic mediums (painting, sculpture, photography, comic books and installation) which reveal the aesthetics and symbolism of pop culture through motifs of various superheroes. The chosen works invite the viewer to discover the human nature in each one of the superheroes, but also to identify a superhero inside them. The exhibition “Superman, Batman & Co…mics!” displayed in the exhibiting space of MAISON D’AILLEURS (Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland) in 2014 presented works of five prudently selected artists – GILLES BARBIER (France), MATHIAS SCHMIED (Switzerland), ADRIAN TRANQUILLI (Italy), AUDREY PIGUET (Switzerland) and ALEXANDERE NICOLAS (France). MAISON D’AILLERUS (House of Elsewhere) wanted to point out to these mythical anthropoid characters offering a new perspective – that of the contemporary visual art. An abundance of artists ‘borrow’ motifs from comics to explore personal and universal (post)modern conditions. Exhibition “SUPERHEROES 2.0” made a selection of Croatian and international artists who use superheroes as inspiration and research.
My personal favorite is this Wolverine (X-Men) sculpture called Endless by Adrian Tranquilli and Anja's favorite was Baby Joker by Alexandre Nicolas.
This exhibition lasts until October 27th / 10 PM.

Curators: Morana Matković / LAUBA – People and Art House & Marc Atallah / MAISON D'AILLERUS

Producer: Dijana Ljutić / LAUBA – People and Art House

Assistant: Pavla Miličić / LAUBA – People and Art House

Exhibition and technical support: Jure Strunje, Luka Baburak

Video and photo documentation: Damir Žižić

Visual identity: Iva Hrvatin

Translation: Jurica Mlinarec
Adults: 40 kn

Seniors (65 and over with ID): 25 kn
Students (full-time with current ID): 25 kn
Children (6 and under): FreeYouth (7-18): 25 kn
Neighbourhood ticket: 25 kn
Family ticket: 70 kn (2 adoults + 2 children under 18)
Members of Lauba: free

Written by: R.K.


Super late for monthly favourites so sorry for that. Anyways, Anja's September Fav's Green blouse with a bow I bought this item in my back to school shopping and I love the lace detailing on the front and black velvet bow that adds just the right amount of preppiness to any outfit.
Bought: Zara for 230kn/26$ Baby blue cape tee This T-shirt in solid sky blue colour looks beyond plain on the front, but what attracted me the most is the coolest sleeve shape,or shall I say cape on the back. Who doesn't want to feel like Cinderella for a bit? Bought: Zara (City Center 1) for 80kn/12 Blue skinny jeans I was in the middle of a jeans crisis, so obviously I had to buy me a nice classic pair of skinnies. Bought: Mango (Arena Centar) for 300kn/55$ Borboleta bracelet Me and Ronella have decided to buy another pair of friendship bracelets and I opted for a neutral black with a golden letter 'R'. I've been wearing it non stop ever since I bought it. Bought: Nicholas Concept store for 190kn/26$ Frozen bathbomb It's finally getting cold and the colder it gets, the more I enjoy taking hot baths. I've tried a couple of Lush bathbombs, but Frozen blew me away with little sparkly snowflakes. Bought: Lush for 50kn/10$ Pink nude + Bronze gold nailpolish combination I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this combination looks on your nails. I've used Catrice French Look in Nude (20kn/4$) and SHE Bronze gold sparkling nailpolish (20kn/4$). Beauty blender If you're tired of using foundation brushes or fingers for applying your liquid foundation, then you must try beauty blenders. I've had one for a while but I didn't know how to properly use it. Just slightly dab your foundation on your skin with this sponge and you'll get that perfect airbrushed effect. Monthly Planner I seriously can't get organized if I don't have a special notebook to write everything down. I plan my whole week or month and makes it so much easier to check my exam and project dates. It's even convenient for birthdays, parties and such, basically plan your life and never worry about forgetting anything. Sushi Perhaps I got a lil' bit sushi obsessed but hey, at least it's healthy food. Sleep Easy App If you're like me and can't put your phone down and go to sleep on time, try this app. You set the timer (I usually set it for 20 minutes) and put you phone on your nightstand and listen to a relaxing voice. It makes me feel much better in the morning, because I don't exhaust my body to it's limit before sleep resulting in more refreshed mind and body in early mornings. Vampy lipstick It's finally fall and I've been wearing almost every day my dark red and deep plum lipcolours. My newest addition to my collection is Misslyn lipstick in shade 122 (bought:Muller for 40kn/4$)

Ronella's September Fav's Long-Sleeved Shirt Straight-cut shirt in woven fabric with a turn-down collar, breast pocket, long sleeves with a tab and button, short slits in the sides and a slightly longer back section. Perfect for these rainy days. (Bought: H&M, City Centre One East, Zagreb, 135 kn/20 $) Turtle neck Sweater September wasn't really cold, but it still got that chilly vibe and you know, winter is coming so you better get your sweater game on! (Bought: Zara, City Centre One East, Zagreb, 270 kn/40 $) Yellow Open-knit Sweater 'Cuz it's toooo coooold for you heree (okay sorry), I just liked this sweater so much that I had to buy it, lovely autumn yellow color just makes this sweater so much better and nicer to wear. (Bought: Zara, City Centre One East, Zagreb, 155 kn/23 $) Chelsea Boots So, I had this argument with my mom about 2 weeks ago that I need some autumn boots, I really wanted HUNTER boots but since my mom is a HATER she bought me these chelsea boots instead, but that's okay, because chelsea boots are a big hit this season and these H&M ones will be perfect (at least until I talk my mom into buying me hunter boots hehehe). (Bought H&M, City Centre One East, Zagreb, 255 kn/39 $) Leather Backpack     Ah yes, my trusty old Zara Leather Backpack. School started in September and I have been carrying this backpack EVERYWHERE, to school, when I went out, when I went to my friends house parties...Since I like to carry a lot of things with me (water bottles, huge ass wallets, big gum packages,books etc.) I need to have a big sized backpack but it has to be stylish, and this one is seriously one of my favorite backpacks I have ever owned. (Bought: Zara, Ilica Street, Zagreb, 300 kn/44.5 $) Lush, Lush, Lush  I kinda went overboard with bathbombs last month but God knows that I need relaxation from school and from the real world. Here we have: Sex Bomb, Intergalactic, Sakura and Lord of Misrule (I actually bought this one in October but yolo). I would have to say that my favorite one is Intergalactic because it paints your water so deep blue and you have glitter all over your body and your tub and it truly is intergalactic! (Bought: Lush, Arena Zagreb, Zagreb, 200 kn/30 $)  Instagram Everybody knows that I am kinda addicted to instagram. I love looking at other people accounts and just seeing what's happening in their own world. I am also a big fan of photography and seeing a beautiful photo can make my day better in a second.  So, all of you people with amazing feeds continue doing what you're doing and don't let anyone tell you that it's maybe "too much" or "you are so obssesed" because to some of us, it is a form of art.    Written by: A.M. & R.K. 

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