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This week, Anja and me decided we should check out Lauba's new exhibtion called "Superheroes 2.0".
Lauba is Zagreb's house of people and art located in the neighbourhood of Črnomerec.
Since we are both CRAZY about MARVEL/DC comicbooks, movies, shows, etc. we just had to check out this cool show. 
At the first glance, all of the artists are enchanted by superheroes. But then you notice the subtle aesthetics of superheroes on two levels – historical and artistic. The chosen artists work in five classic mediums (painting, sculpture, photography, comic books and installation) which reveal the aesthetics and symbolism of pop culture through motifs of various superheroes. The chosen works invite the viewer to discover the human nature in each one of the superheroes, but also to identify a superhero inside them. The exhibition “Superman, Batman & Co…mics!” displayed in the exhibiting space of MAISON D’AILLEURS (Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland) in 2014 presented works of five prudently selected artists – GILLES BARBIER (France), MATHIAS SCHMIED (Switzerland), ADRIAN TRANQUILLI (Italy), AUDREY PIGUET (Switzerland) and ALEXANDERE NICOLAS (France). MAISON D’AILLERUS (House of Elsewhere) wanted to point out to these mythical anthropoid characters offering a new perspective – that of the contemporary visual art. An abundance of artists ‘borrow’ motifs from comics to explore personal and universal (post)modern conditions. Exhibition “SUPERHEROES 2.0” made a selection of Croatian and international artists who use superheroes as inspiration and research.
My personal favorite is this Wolverine (X-Men) sculpture called Endless by Adrian Tranquilli and Anja's favorite was Baby Joker by Alexandre Nicolas.
This exhibition lasts until October 27th / 10 PM.

Curators: Morana Matković / LAUBA – People and Art House & Marc Atallah / MAISON D'AILLERUS

Producer: Dijana Ljutić / LAUBA – People and Art House

Assistant: Pavla Miličić / LAUBA – People and Art House

Exhibition and technical support: Jure Strunje, Luka Baburak

Video and photo documentation: Damir Žižić

Visual identity: Iva Hrvatin

Translation: Jurica Mlinarec
Adults: 40 kn

Seniors (65 and over with ID): 25 kn
Students (full-time with current ID): 25 kn
Children (6 and under): FreeYouth (7-18): 25 kn
Neighbourhood ticket: 25 kn
Family ticket: 70 kn (2 adoults + 2 children under 18)
Members of Lauba: free

Written by: R.K.

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