Every person goes through that phase when all your old furniture is just too childish and outdated and you know you're in a desperate need for a room makeover. Almost a year ago, IKEA finally opened it's door in Croatia, so most of the things you see here are from there. Personally, I find IKEA stuff affordable and it's quality is reasonable for the price you pay.

So the buddha statue/candle holder you see in the 1st picture is from JYSK  and it's quite heavy, but I think it's a perfect decoration for your desk. It's holding a vanilla scented candle. Next to it, Ronella has put a fake plant from IKEA in a white pot and a black table lamp (which she also used as a jewelry holder). The rubber sunny side up egg is actually a wallet from H&M, but you can use it as a small pouch for basically anything. I mean, it's cute, you can put it about anywhere as it is and it'd still look cute.

Next picture is showing you a little part of her KALLAX bookshelf, on which she's put some cactuses in pink pots and a white mug which she uses as everyday makeup holder.  Above her desk, there are two white book shelves. On the bottom one, she has our picture in a white frame, a succulent and two green candles. On the upper one, she has another succulent, some books and a turquoise candle. Her ceiling lamp is from Bauhaus and it's the oldest piece in her room. It's metallic orbs blend well with the rest of the room.

She has framed original Chanel Croisiere 1996/1997 photoshoot pictures, signed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, in black frames and hung them above her bookshelf and her desk. In her KALLAX she has a lot of boxes, which are used to store school papers and notebooks, jewelry and random bits and bobs.

Her bed frame is a part of MALM Series from IKEA, with gray and white bed sheets with matching decorative pillows.

Written by: A.M.


At the street of Jurja Žerjavića you will find a new place to hang out with your friends. It used to be a regular backyard but it has been turned into a colorful and a quirky cafe.
The nicest part of this cafe would definitely be colorful grafitti walls and pretty tables and chairs. The walls give an original touch to the atmosphere of the place and at night you can enjoy the warmth of fairy lights.

Cafe u Dvorištu offers everything your usual cafe offers, but i'ts most popular drink is the homemade ice tea.

Make sure you visit it!

Rate: ★★★☆
Price range: 10 kn/1.5$

Written by: R.K.


Fine Torte is a cute pastry shop located in the centre of Zagreb (Vlaška 31), with a direct view on a statue of August Šenoa - one of the most popular writers in Croatia.

The first thing you notice about this place is a lovely patio with hot pink tables and matching chairs decorated with cute plants. The interior is very bright and open, decorated with gray and muted pink tones with marble tables.

The shop offers a large variety of cakes, from delicious chocolate cakes to light and fluffy fruit cakes. You can also order tea, coffee or freshly squeezed juices. We personally tried vanilla raspberry cake that is called "Ledeni vjetar" which was pretty tasty and light, as for the drinks we had coffee and tea (you can't go wrong with those things, right?).

A nice and warm atmosphere ideal for catching up with your friends and family.

Rate: ★★★★☆
Price range: cca, 16 kn/2 $

Written by: R.K.


Anja's July Favorites

Solid yellow t-shirt
For month of July I've been really into yellow and when I saw this tee, I absolutely knew I had to had it. I bought it in size bigger than my usual to get that baggy fit I wanted.
Bought: Zara (City Centar One East, Zagreb) for 80kn/12$

White lace shorts
Since I'm naturally tan, I love the contrast on my skin that I get when wearing all white outfits and these white lace shorts have been my wardrobe staple during these past weeks.
Bought: H&M (City Centar One East, Zagreb for 150kn/22$

Red A-line skirt and denim dungarees
I love this whole 70's vibe trend going on, so I've decided to hop on that train with this beautiful faux suede red skirt, and denim dungarees. I usually style them with a striped tee, which is kind of a 90's thing but whatever.
Bought: both Zara for a) 170kn/25$ and b) 260kn/38$

Milano black leather sandals
My dad and I share a big love for the brand Birkenstock - I've had their sandals and slippers ever since I was a little child - and naturally when official Birkenstock store opened in Zagreb, I had to go and grab me some new sandals. They're absolutely the most comfortable shoes I've ever wore -  I didn't get any blisters even though I've walked for hours in them the first day I got them.
Bought: Birkenstock (Zagreb) for 585kn/86$

Golden earrings
These golden twisted hoops are the perfect statement piece when I'm wearing a high ponytail.
Bought: Mango (Garden Mall, Zagreb) for 30kn/5$ (I'm not sure if this is still available, since it was 50% on the sale)

Eye bracelet set
I've purchased this set because I was in desperate need for some cool new bracelets, and these are just a go-to hand accessory.
Bought: Zara (City Centar One East, Zagreb)  for 150kn/22$

Golden triangle necklace
This necklace reminds me a lot of the Eye of Ra and every time I wear it, it makes me feel like an Egyptian Queen. If that's not enough to make it to monthly favs, then I don't know what is.
Bought: MANGO (Garden Mall, Zagreb) for 40kn/6$ (it was also on sale 50%)

Maybelline COLOR TATTOO in shade Metallic Pomengranate
The colour of this gel eyeshadow is extremly buildable and has a lot of shimmer to it. Also, the packaging is so huge, I feel like it's going to last me for forever. They way I like to wear it is just lightly put it all over my lids and then blend with blending brush to prevent any harsh lines. The colour is perfect for anyone with dark brown eyes, and I find it very flattering also for my skin and hair colour.
Bought: Muller (Zagreb) for 40kn/6$

Yellow nail polish
I actually wore all different shades of yellow for this past month, so there isn't just one nail polish I can include. You can say that I've become a little bit yellow-obsessed, but it's just a phase mom.

Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick
During the whole month, I've only wore this bad boy in shade Heartbreak 602 which is a beautiful coral pink.
Bought: Sephora (ordered online) for 190 kn/ 28 $

Dorothy bubble bar from LUSH
I've used this bubble bar religiously in my pamper night routine. The smells is quite exotic, but also sweet and citrusy. It colours the water bright blue, all while creating huge bubbles.
Bought: LUSH (Zagreb) for 35kn/7$

1Q84 - Haruki Murakami
This books has been sitting on my bookshelf for ages and I finally got around to actually reading it. It's a trilogy, each book has about 350 pages, but once you start reading it, you just can't stop. Haruki Murakami has a quite unique way of writing, combining the elements of real and surreal, which makes any reader wonder what's going to happen next.
Bought: Algoritam (Zagreb) for 260kn/38$

Iceberg perfume - Tender White (it was a birthday gift)
This perfume is the perfect summer scent - it opens with a fruity blend of raspberry, grapefruit and pink pepper, and then develops in a light floral and sweet notes of rose, honeysuckle and vanilla. The flacon is made of glass and it is shaped with 'broken' sides, in iridescent shades from transparent icy blue to matter white, imitating the look of icebergs.

Ronella's July Favorites

CLEAN Rain, Eau De Parfum (30 ml)
I have really been lovin' this scent because it reminds me of rain in these hot summer days when rain is needed, so if there can not be rain, why not smell like rain?
Bought: Martimex (Zagreb) for 260 kn/38 $

Zara Yellow T-Shirt
Yellow is a hit color this season and when I saw this cute t-shirt I just had to have and + it was on sale!!
Bought: ZARA (Arena Centar, Zagreb) for 40 kn/6 $

H&M Sunglasses
Lovin these sunglasses with transparent plastic frames and tinted lenses, and most importantly they are UV-protective.
Bought: H&M (Shopping Centar Cvjetni, Zagreb) for 74 kn/11 $

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm
Super-nourishing balm is loaded with mango and shea butters. Just what dry, delicate lips need to feel comfortably soft and smooth.
Bought: Douglas (Shopping Centar Avenue Mall, Zagreb) for 115 kn/17 $

Essie Let it Shine
I have been struggling with chapped nail polish ever since I started to wear it and non of the transparent top coat nail polishes ever did the trick for me, until I decided to buy this amazing Essie Let it Shine protective top coat which has been a life saver ever since.
Bought: d&m (Zagreb) for 115 kn/ 17 $

MANGO Cotton Message T-Shirt
Cotton t-shirt with message printed at front round neck and rolled-up short sleeves, perfect for hot summer days!
Bought: MANGO (Garden Mall, Zagreb) for 80 kn/12 $ (I'm sorry to inform you that this shirt is sold out in Croatia, not sure about the other countries)

Fiji Water 500 ml
Staying hydrated during the summer is really important so why not do it with a hint of style with this super cute water bottle!
Bought: Foodness (Zagreb) for 11 kn/1.5 $

H&M Scented candle
This is my all time favourite scented candle because it's really chic and it smells really citrusy. I love it!
Bought: H&M (Shopping Centar Cvjetni, Zagreb) for 85 kn/12.5 $

Magic Mike XXL
Channing Tatum, do I need to add anything else? But in all seriousness, this movie is so fun to watch with your friends and it is my honest recommendation.


Last summer in June, I had a class trip to London. The 1st day I woke up at 4pm and then at 5pm we headed to airport Zagreb Lučko. It was my first time flying, so no need to mention how excited I actually was. The flight was pleasant and better than I expected (can't wait to fly again in 2 weeks yay), but sadly it was pretty short (only 2,5 hours). 

When we arrived at the biggest airport in London - Heathrow, we immediately hopped into bus and had a bus tour around London. Our first stop was Royal Albert Hall, which was stunning. After that, we walked to Buckingham Palace, in front of which was this beautiful fountain with green water. How cool is that? On our way back to the hotel, we drove in metro and I cannot even begin to tell you how fast and on time it is in comparison to Zagreb's public transportation. Our hotel was in the centre of London, which was a big plus, but the food was really awful, especially because of the peas which were present in almost every dinner in the following week. In the night we had a free time, so we went on a walk around the centre, but sadly almost everything was closed by 7pm except Pret a manger and Apple Store. 

The next day, we woke up also super early and went to the closest metro station. We exited on St James's Park station, took some photos of the famous Westminster Abbey and then passed by Westminster Palace and the famous Big Ben. Then we walked to the National Gallery, which was my favourite place we visited on the whole trip. There were artworks from all kinds of eras and regions, including renaissance, baroque and impressionism. If you're art enthusiast like me, you can find a list of artists  whos artwork is displayed there, but I was glad that I could find some of my favourite artists there, including Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, Boudin, Gauguin, Renoir and Turner. Sadly, I wasn't allowed to take pictures there and security was really attentive, so I only had a chance once and took a hella blurry picture of Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Cypressses. :( 
After that, we had free afternoon and is there a better way to spend your day than shopping in Oxford street? I bought Vagabond platforms and blue mirrored sunglasses in Urban Outfitters, as well as few bits and bobs in River Island and Topshop. 

On 3rd day, early in the morning we walked to the Notting Hill and I've never seen bazaar as big as Portobello Road. There you could find anything from maps, ceramics, records, jewelry to antiques and flowers. After buying some cheap t-shirts, we headed back to metro and visited Natural History Museum and Science Museum. Natural History Museum's entrance was so cool - the stairs led all up to a giant orange ball which was supposed to represent the sun, and there were all kinds of interactive displays. Science Museum was cool and their shop was super cute. After spending a few hours in museums, we headed to Camden Town. It's really a different place with a strong alternative vibe, it felt like we weren't even in London anymore. There were hardcore punks in every corner and you could even take pictures with them. There, we stopped for some ice coffee in Starbucks and of course UO. 

Following day, I've visited the most beautiful church I had laid my eyes on. It was St. Paul's Cathedral, and boy it was beyond perfect, from inside out. I wish we could've stayed there longer, but we hurriedly walked across the Millenium Bridge, across the river Thames, to the Shakespeare's Globe. We passed by Tate Modern and I was absolutely gutted we didn't have the time to go see the gallery. We entered the theatre and it was amazing. The shape of the building, as well as the architecture was really unique. I hope one day I'll come back and see some of  their perfomances there. After the official tour, we headed to Tower Bridge and we also visited Traitor's Gate and St. Thomas's Tower. My friend and I bought some amazing healthy cold tortilla wraps and it was one of the most delicious things I ate in the whole week, I would definitely recommend to go try it (we bought it in a small booth near the dock). Then we had a really cool boat ride on Thames, but the windows were really dirty so I couldn't take any good pictures. We arrived in Greenwich, had a tour around the Royal Observatory and then had a free afternoon. Couple of girls and me took some takeout food from Nando's and it was really delicious - spicy curry rice, chicken wings, chilli fries,... In the evening, we had an option to go on a London Eye and the view when you get to the top is worth every pound. But if you have a fear of heights, it wouldn't be the wisest choice since the whole capsule is completely made of glass, even the floor. 

On the last day, we only visited British Museum, which was huge and we had 4 hours to see what we wanted, and I barely managed to pass almost every section, taking photos like a mad woman. The highlight of the museum is definitely a Cleopatra's mummy.  Then we had some free time, and my friend and I went to Oxford Street and we were searching for Primark. We were a bit late in coming back to the hotel, but we didn't miss the plane, so it was all good in the end. The flight back home was so amazing, we were flying right in the time of sunset. When I got back home, I was still overwhelmed, and I sincerely hope to come back there again, next time with Ronella.

Written by: A.M. 


So, last year Anja and me decided to take a 'friendship trip' every spring break from then on and that decision brought us to Prague and Vienna this year!

My mother organized the trip so obviously we also went with her (HI MOM).
We left Zagreb at 5 AM from the main bus station and had a pretty pleasant bus ride with an amazing tour guide! At around 1 PM we arrived to Vienna and since it was freezing cold we immediately hopped to the nearest Starbucks and got a cup of some hot cocoa and of course some chocolate chiped cookies. After a cozy warming up, we decided to visit the St. Stephen's cathedral in the centre of the city and when we were finished with the church touring it was shopping time! We visited Forever21 and some random record stores,  but unfortunately we didn't have time for proper shopping since we had to continue our trip to Prague.

We arrived to Prague at 7 PM and immediately went to the hotel. Our hotel room was gorgeous, it was a big white room with big windows and a great view on the city. I have to mention that I was hungry the whole day and no grocery shops were open, so I was basically starved the first day, but oh well.

The second day we got up at 8 AM and had our breakfast at the hotel and after the breakfast the tour guide took us to the St. Vitus cathedral which was glorious (from the inside and from the outside). After the cathedral we decided to take some alone time, took a taxi and we spent the day in the Palladium shopping centre where we bought a lot of make up products and clothes (mostly in TOPSHOP). ONCE AGAIN I was starving the whole day because we had lunch at a traditional Czech restaurant and I was pretty sad because I didn't like the food. (im soooo sorryyy). We got back to our hotel at 9 PM and went straight to bed.

The third day we grabbed some coffee at Costa and visited MAC, we had lunch at Burger King, spent the day walking around the city and we got to watch the Astronomical Clock show which was pretty cool! As for the dinner, we actually had dinner at a boat which was floating on the Vltava river and that was an extraordinary experience and we absolutely loved it.

The fourth day (also the last day) we
basically spent packing and saying goodbye to Prague and on our way home we visited the Krumlov State Catle. We tried Trdelnik which is a Slovak/Czech sweet pastry filled with chocolate and it was A-mazing! All in all, a very cute knight-like experience. When we arrived in Zagreb, we couldn't wait for another spring break. Any suggestions where we should go next year?

Written by: R.K.


This little dessert restaurant and bakery in Vlaška 45 offers a wide spectrum of original British cakes and cookies, some of them being the shortbread cookie, Manchester pudding, Battenberg cake or custard tart decorated with slices of peach. Are you hungry yet?

There you cannot only eat all kinds of british cakes, but you can also enjoy a healthy breakfast food, such as muffins with carrots and apples or a croissant pudding with apples and blueberries. If you happen to be passing by around 5pm, drop by and hopefully you'll be just on time for five-o'clock tea party.

Interior design is classical. The simplicity of white and black walls, with just the right amount of golden details creates a warm atmosphere. The whole British theme matches perfectly with the vibe of the space. Definitely, I'm coming back to try other cakes.

Rate: ★★★★☆
Price range: cca. 16 kn/2$

Written by: A.M.


At the end of Savska cesta, or to be more exact in Horvaćanska 3, you can find the most unusual tree house, mounting over a grey wall, separating the street from the caffe in the same time. 'A most unusual garden' consists mainly of 3 parts - a indoor bar area, which is decorated in a vintage style; an outdoor sitting area, with a statement monochrome tiled flooring and white metal tables; and lastly, the cherry on top, a white wooden tree house, that offers a view over the whole 'unusual garden'. The tree house is rather small and the sitting area there isn't really appealing, nonetheless it still adds some pizzazz to the whole ambient.

The caffe is surrounded by quite boemic and artistic atmosphere. It offers a variety of drinks, but it's most well known drink is gin&tonic, a refreshing alcoholic drink which fits the local's atmosphere perfectly. We only ordered lemonade & sprite (15 kn/2$), which were served in cute looking jars and a fancy looking glass.

When the night falls, fairy lights turn on and brighten the area around the wall and across the whole outdoor sitting plateau.

At last, the overall impression is positive. It's definitely a great place for going out with your friends, while enjoying a nice drink or two.

Rate: ★★★★☆
Price range: cca. 20 kn/3$ (alcoholic drinks may be more expensive)

Written by: A.M.


On July 8th me and my mom went to a beautiful island called Pag which is located in the central of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia and is a great resort for people who want to have some fun while relaxing. Pag is famous by its beach Zrće, which was pretty far away from my apartment, so I didn't get a chance to go. Zrće, however, hosts beach parties almost every day, accompanied with techno and house music. You can also enjoy variety of cocktails and other party drinks.

My apartment was located in the city of Pag (Vodice to be more exact). The weather was quite windy in the beggining but it wasn't a mood breaker since it was also pretty warm and sunny. The waves were big and kind of magical. The beach we visited was 10 minute walk from our apartment and I have to say, even though the beach was small, it was wonderful. As for the city, you can find a lot of interesting things there to see, for example Pag's bridge which lights up when dark falls or maybe a spectrum of restaurants and caffes. Don't worry about coming home from Pag empty handed, there are a lot of souvenirs shop (my recommendation is Aqua Shop) and you should definitely visit the museum of Lace from Pag, the church of St. Mary in the centre of the city and the UFO Landing Spot near ferry port Žigljen. As for the products that were life saving these couple of days, I have to mention the sunscreen I used from Balea (bought in d&m, 50kn/8$). It definitely served it's cause. If you have sensitive skin like me, I would truly recommend it. I took the liberty of reading The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, which is quite convinient to read when you are on the sea side, chilling on the beach.

As I mentioned before, Pag offers a variety of restaurants. My recommendation is an Italian restaurant Na Tale in the city of Pag, where you can order all kinds of Italian dishes such as rissoto, pasta and of course pizza. The prices are reasonable and not too pricey, so if you're feeling hungry after the long day spent swimming or you just happen to be in town, you should check it out.

All in all, Pag is a great place to visit during summer and I can guarantee you will experience the true glow and beauty of this croatian island, enjoying every minute spent there.

Written by: R.K.

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