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At the end of Savska cesta, or to be more exact in Horvaćanska 3, you can find the most unusual tree house, mounting over a grey wall, separating the street from the caffe in the same time. 'A most unusual garden' consists mainly of 3 parts - a indoor bar area, which is decorated in a vintage style; an outdoor sitting area, with a statement monochrome tiled flooring and white metal tables; and lastly, the cherry on top, a white wooden tree house, that offers a view over the whole 'unusual garden'. The tree house is rather small and the sitting area there isn't really appealing, nonetheless it still adds some pizzazz to the whole ambient.

The caffe is surrounded by quite boemic and artistic atmosphere. It offers a variety of drinks, but it's most well known drink is gin&tonic, a refreshing alcoholic drink which fits the local's atmosphere perfectly. We only ordered lemonade & sprite (15 kn/2$), which were served in cute looking jars and a fancy looking glass.

When the night falls, fairy lights turn on and brighten the area around the wall and across the whole outdoor sitting plateau.

At last, the overall impression is positive. It's definitely a great place for going out with your friends, while enjoying a nice drink or two.

Rate: ★★★★☆
Price range: cca. 20 kn/3$ (alcoholic drinks may be more expensive)

Written by: A.M.

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