Finjak is one of my favourite coffee shops  to visit during fall and winter season because of its cozy and warm atmosphere. Its decor simply blew me away when I've first visited - from the crystal chandelier to the wooden industrial stools, the interior is on point. The fairy lights, vintage signs and the hanging bicycle add the extra touch of uniqueness to the place. This cafe also has an outdoor sitting area.

Even though the room is rather small, the mirrors on two sides optically enlarge the space. Also a good thing about Finjak is that if you're visiting for Christmas, Valentines Day or any other themed holiday, chances are you're gonna be pleasantly surprised next time you visit, whether it's just simple heartshaped balloons or something more. Furthermore, if you come early enough you might get your hands on mini croissants with your cup of coffee.

Price range: cca. 16kn/2$
Rate: ★★★★

Written by: A.M.


This year in Zagreb we had a lot of french related events, and one of them was this picnic that
me and Anja decided to go on and we absolutely loved it.

You could bring your own food and just chill on the grass and listen to beautiful french sansone, or you could buy your own food basket filled with wonderful french food!
The picnic started at 11 AM and fortunately we arrived little earlier and bought the food baskets and tried these awesome things. We had a carob and caramelised emery baguette, french liver pate with green pepper, quiche Lorraine, nicoise salad, brie cheese and forest fruits tart. Everything was absolutely lovely.

As for the overall experience, the feeling of laying on the grass and just imagining you're somewhere in Paris is unforgettable and magical (okay, maybe im blowing it out of proportion but we really had a nice time).

I hope there will be more of these "foreign country" themed picnics and I'm really looking forward to that,

Thank you Rendez-vous for this amazing event!

Written by: R.K.


 This summer, since I'm a senior now, we had our class trip to Greece. We rode in a bus all the way to San Marino, where we planned a short stop of max. 2 hours, but the weather wasn't on our side. Because of the rain,  I didn't get any great pictures, so I basically got wet and ruined my hair on the first day for nothing :(  Personally I think that if the weather was better, my impression of San Marino would have been much better. Next we drove to Ancona, Italy and boarded on a ship. We crossed the Adriatic Sea and got off in Igoumenitsa, Greece. The trip across the sea was pleasant and the cabin in the ship was quite spacious actually. Upon arriving in Greece, once again we boarded into our bus and drove all the way to Kalambaka. It's a charming small town, with a lot of cute shops and caffes. We also went to see the Meteora monasteries, which were build on top of really weirdly shaped mountains. We spent the night in Kalambaka, and in the morning we drove to the cult place called Delphi. The vibe of that place felt magical - it still feels surreal to say I've walked on the same ground the grand priestess Pythia once did. I was absolutely gutted I couldn't find the temple  in Delphi I was looking for, but the climb all the way to the top in the noon was definitely worth the view anyways. In the evening, we arrived at the hotel in Athens and the neighborhood where we were stationed was only two km from Acropolis but it still looked awful and shady. I must say that I didn't dare to go out in Athens at night, but the following day my impression changed completely. The center of Athens is really beautiful and clean, no need to mention how stunning Parthenon and Erechtheion were. We had a free afternoon, which I've spent shopping in the main street in Sephora, Tiger, ForgetMeNot (the coolest authentic souvenir shop in Athens!) and of course Starbucks. The next morning, we were on the road again, driving for almost the whole day to Loutraki. It's a touristic destination positioned in the center of the bay, with beautiful sand beaches. The place itself was really ordinary and the hotel food was awful as it was in every greek hotel we've stayed in so far. The sea was quite cold, but in the night it seemed to spark because of the plankton concentration. We stayed there for two days and then we had a flight back to Zagreb. I must say it was the worst airport I've seen - it reminded me of a prison a little bit.

Even though it wasn't completely perfect, it was more beautiful than I could ever imagine - this trip felt like 'dream coming true' moment for a kid in me. I had lots of fun with my friends, we made a lot of stupid and beautiful memories together in Greece, and I'm immensely grateful for every second spent in the land of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

Written by: A.M.


Ronella's August Favorites

Zara Flounce Dress
This year my cousin got married so I had to buy a fancy dress for his wedding, and I found this elegant and classy flounce yellow dress that I adore.
Bought: ZARA (City Center One East, Zagreb) for 335 HRK/50 $

H&M Crepe Blouse
Short-sleeved, gently flared blouse in a crêpe weave with a button at the back of the neck and a rounded hem that is slightly longer at the back.Bought: H&M (City Center One East, Zagreb) for 135 HRK/13 $

Wonder Woman Iphone Case
Since I'm really into superheroes right now, I have decided to purchase this cool Wonder Woman case from ebay and share the DC Comics pride all around.
Bought: Ebay for 54 HRK/8 $ + shipping 3 $

Benefit They're Real! Color Mascara
My lashes have never looked better! This mascara is my top must have this season. It is perfectly pigmented and very light on my lashes.
Bought: Sephora (Greece) for 200 HRK/20 $

SEPHORA Collection – Green Eyeshadow
Besides golden eyeshadow, I have really been lovin' the color green on my eyelids.
This sephora's eyeshadow has fulfilled all of my make up needs.
Bought: Sephora (Greece) for 35 HRK/ 5 $

SEPHORA Collection – Contour Eye Pencil (Color: Green and Black)
What it is: A contouring eye pencil for a big, beautiful look that lasts up to 12 hours. What it does: Enhance and enliven your eyes with the bold, long-wearing color of these eye pencils. The silky formula is resistant to water, heat, and humidity.
Bought: Sephora (Greece) for 47 HRK/7 $

Adidas Originals Superstar
My all time favorite sneakers inspired by iconic 70's basketball styles. They go well with any outfit and they bring a pinch of rebellion to your everyday styling.
Bought: ShoeBeDo (Arena Centar, Zagreb) for 670 HRK/65 $

CATRICE Mattifying Powder
Amazing waterproof mattifying powder for any type of skin. It will fix your imperfections in a minute!
Bought: d&m (Zagreb) for 47 HRK/7 $

This album is so good you guys! I have been listening to it for already 3 days non-stop and I'm in love with Halsey and with her music. My favorite song of the album would have to be New Americana.
Anja's August Favorites

August is my favourite month of the year and this month, as a true Leo, I've been loving bronze, golden and red hues.

Dior Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette 30ml
My favourite fragnance of all times, with almost suffocating sweet scent and beautiful red bottle is something I'd like to consider my signature perfume.
Bought: Muller for 550kn/82$

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick
The liquid formula of this lipstick allows easy application and since it dries matte, it has a great staying power. This line has a wide spectrum of shades, except deep berry ones, but I opted for classic red and I can't even begin how amazing it feels and looks on the lips.
Bought: Muller for 85kn/12$

NIVEA Essentials BB cream
I've been using this BB cream for years and I always go back to this BB cream. It doesn't give a lot of coverage, but just the right amount, without cloging your pores. It is also extremly buildable, so if you need more coverage on certain spots, you can just add a few more layers. It also has a SPF 10. The only downfall of this product is that it doesn't come in many shades.
Bought: Muller for 60 kn/8$

Benefit Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist
I bought this product in Athens during my class trip, so it's quite a recent buy, but I've been using this religiously for the past 2 weeks and it feels really refreshing on the skin, wether you use it before putting your makeup as a moisturizer or after as a make-up setting spray.
Bought: Sephora (Athens) for 175kn/26$

Maybelline DREAM SUN Bronzing Powder
One of my holy grail products in general is bronzing powder. I believe it suits any face, when applied properly. I liked this bronzer, because it has 3 different shades in one, making it appear more natural on the skin.
Bought: Muller for 62kn/8.5$

H&M faux suede shorts
This shorts are really comfortable and versatile piece - I usually style it with more casual clothes such as printed tees, but also more elegant such as white button downs. I believe they're currently on sale, so if you're lucky, maybe you can still get them at your H&M.
Bought: H&M (Cvjetni trg) for 70kn/10$

VOSS Water
I'm a huge sucker for cool water bottles and I've been eyeing VOSS for a quite a while. Personally, I don't like the taste of VOSS itself (tho it's great for cleaning some greasy stains on wooden areas hahah). So this month, I've been making detox water in this bottle - it looked and tasted amazing. Bought: Foodness for 15kn/2$

HunterxHunter anime
I love anime, although I don't watch it regulary, but when I do, I end up binge watching the whole series in like a week. HunterxHunter is a remake of the classic anime that aired in the mid 90's and it follows the manga storyline. The story is about Gon Freecss whose goal is to find his father Ging who is a renowned double star hunter. Along the way he meets Kurapika, Leorio and Killua, who each get their story arc. The show quickly shot to my N°1 and it only secured it's place with every episode. In this show, every minute matters, so don't think you will come to the boring part and focus your attention to anything else. Seriously, put down your phone and enjoy the adventure.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Anybody who tells you that the book is about old and new gods, or about a man named Shadow, or about coin tricks, or about having one's head smashed in for losing a game of checkers, is selling you a line, because those are just details, not the story itself. Much like any Neil Gaiman story, the devil is in the details, and you just have to resolve yourself to coming along for the ride or you'll miss it.


Simple has always been the key of a good outfit. I have decided to wear my striped grey dress from Zara and i styled it with my Vagabond platformed shoes and some Clubmasters glasses from RayBan, I am also wearing a wool hat from H&M and an old vintage jacket that I found in my mom's closet.

As for the makeup, I am wearing my everyday foundation by Naj Oleari and since countouring is so popular these days I countoured my face with my Catrice countouring kit. I filled my brows with my Catrice brown eyeshadow and I used my Benefit's They're real mascara on my lashes. I am totally in love with golden eyeshadows and the way that they look on my eyes so I've put on my Dior golden eyeshadow with a touch of brown from my NAKED palette. For my lips I used essence's purple-ish lipliner.

Here you can see my watch from Quartz, my Borboleta bracelet, two eye bracelets that I got from Greece (the Greeks believe that the eyes repel bad luck), and another black and white twisted bracelet.

This is one of the simplest outfits I could think of - A line solid black skirt from Topshop, paired with a gray tee and a beige vintage jacket to add that extra dimension to the outfit. I also decided to style it with a black leather backpack from Zara. On my hand I'm wearing only my black Borboleta bracelet.

As a foundation, I'm wearing my good ol' trusty Nivea BB cream, which is super light and gives you just the right amount of coverage without making you feel cakey at all. For contouring I've only used Catrice Sunglow bronzer and just a dash of pink blush. I filled in my brows with Catrice brow set ( I only use the lighter shade). I've decided to go for a bronze red smokey eye on my lids with Maybelline eyeshadow gel in color Metallic Pomengranate and the pink and champange shade from my PUPA palette. On my lips I'm wearing Sephora lipliner in shade Classic Pink . For the finishing touch, I've sprayed Benefit Ultra Radiance Facial re-hydrating mist to set my make-up in place.

Ronella's outfit:
Anja's outfit:

Written by: A.M. & R.K.

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