Happy Halloween DIY Banner

7:23 pm

1. Trace out the shape of your rectangle on semitransparent paper for a cleaner look of your flag. We don't want to see any pencil traces on our flags, do we?

2. Now make a reversed V shape with triangle on the bottom of your semitransparent paper.

3. Cut out the triangle shape.

4. Place the semitransparent paper over the black one.

5. Cut the bottom in a shape of triangle (like shown on the picture).

6. Repeat the same procedure for all of the 13 flags. You need one flag per each letter. Cut the ribbon at the desired length and use stapler to fixate the flags onto the string.

7. Paint or print out the letters on the flags. You can get creative here :) I printed out the letters and then glued them on. Don't forget to measure out the letters so they fit right.

Happy Halloween, witches! Super late on this post, but hope you had a wicked time of your lives.

Things needed:
Semitransparent paper
Black (thicker) paper
White paint (optional)
Glue (optional)

You can also make  different banners using this method - here we made a  banner with a mix of bats, pumpkins and scary ghosts. A super fun decoration for your wall. 

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