7:27 pm

This year in Zagreb we had a lot of french related events, and one of them was this picnic that
me and Anja decided to go on and we absolutely loved it.

You could bring your own food and just chill on the grass and listen to beautiful french sansone, or you could buy your own food basket filled with wonderful french food!
The picnic started at 11 AM and fortunately we arrived little earlier and bought the food baskets and tried these awesome things. We had a carob and caramelised emery baguette, french liver pate with green pepper, quiche Lorraine, nicoise salad, brie cheese and forest fruits tart. Everything was absolutely lovely.

As for the overall experience, the feeling of laying on the grass and just imagining you're somewhere in Paris is unforgettable and magical (okay, maybe im blowing it out of proportion but we really had a nice time).

I hope there will be more of these "foreign country" themed picnics and I'm really looking forward to that,

Thank you Rendez-vous for this amazing event!

Written by: R.K.

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