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 This summer, since I'm a senior now, we had our class trip to Greece. We rode in a bus all the way to San Marino, where we planned a short stop of max. 2 hours, but the weather wasn't on our side. Because of the rain,  I didn't get any great pictures, so I basically got wet and ruined my hair on the first day for nothing :(  Personally I think that if the weather was better, my impression of San Marino would have been much better. Next we drove to Ancona, Italy and boarded on a ship. We crossed the Adriatic Sea and got off in Igoumenitsa, Greece. The trip across the sea was pleasant and the cabin in the ship was quite spacious actually. Upon arriving in Greece, once again we boarded into our bus and drove all the way to Kalambaka. It's a charming small town, with a lot of cute shops and caffes. We also went to see the Meteora monasteries, which were build on top of really weirdly shaped mountains. We spent the night in Kalambaka, and in the morning we drove to the cult place called Delphi. The vibe of that place felt magical - it still feels surreal to say I've walked on the same ground the grand priestess Pythia once did. I was absolutely gutted I couldn't find the temple  in Delphi I was looking for, but the climb all the way to the top in the noon was definitely worth the view anyways. In the evening, we arrived at the hotel in Athens and the neighborhood where we were stationed was only two km from Acropolis but it still looked awful and shady. I must say that I didn't dare to go out in Athens at night, but the following day my impression changed completely. The center of Athens is really beautiful and clean, no need to mention how stunning Parthenon and Erechtheion were. We had a free afternoon, which I've spent shopping in the main street in Sephora, Tiger, ForgetMeNot (the coolest authentic souvenir shop in Athens!) and of course Starbucks. The next morning, we were on the road again, driving for almost the whole day to Loutraki. It's a touristic destination positioned in the center of the bay, with beautiful sand beaches. The place itself was really ordinary and the hotel food was awful as it was in every greek hotel we've stayed in so far. The sea was quite cold, but in the night it seemed to spark because of the plankton concentration. We stayed there for two days and then we had a flight back to Zagreb. I must say it was the worst airport I've seen - it reminded me of a prison a little bit.

Even though it wasn't completely perfect, it was more beautiful than I could ever imagine - this trip felt like 'dream coming true' moment for a kid in me. I had lots of fun with my friends, we made a lot of stupid and beautiful memories together in Greece, and I'm immensely grateful for every second spent in the land of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

Written by: A.M.

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