10:12 pm

Finjak is one of my favourite coffee shops  to visit during fall and winter season because of its cozy and warm atmosphere. Its decor simply blew me away when I've first visited - from the crystal chandelier to the wooden industrial stools, the interior is on point. The fairy lights, vintage signs and the hanging bicycle add the extra touch of uniqueness to the place. This cafe also has an outdoor sitting area.

Even though the room is rather small, the mirrors on two sides optically enlarge the space. Also a good thing about Finjak is that if you're visiting for Christmas, Valentines Day or any other themed holiday, chances are you're gonna be pleasantly surprised next time you visit, whether it's just simple heartshaped balloons or something more. Furthermore, if you come early enough you might get your hands on mini croissants with your cup of coffee.

Price range: cca. 16kn/2$
Rate: ★★★★

Written by: A.M.

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