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So, last year Anja and me decided to take a 'friendship trip' every spring break from then on and that decision brought us to Prague and Vienna this year!

My mother organized the trip so obviously we also went with her (HI MOM).
We left Zagreb at 5 AM from the main bus station and had a pretty pleasant bus ride with an amazing tour guide! At around 1 PM we arrived to Vienna and since it was freezing cold we immediately hopped to the nearest Starbucks and got a cup of some hot cocoa and of course some chocolate chiped cookies. After a cozy warming up, we decided to visit the St. Stephen's cathedral in the centre of the city and when we were finished with the church touring it was shopping time! We visited Forever21 and some random record stores,  but unfortunately we didn't have time for proper shopping since we had to continue our trip to Prague.

We arrived to Prague at 7 PM and immediately went to the hotel. Our hotel room was gorgeous, it was a big white room with big windows and a great view on the city. I have to mention that I was hungry the whole day and no grocery shops were open, so I was basically starved the first day, but oh well.

The second day we got up at 8 AM and had our breakfast at the hotel and after the breakfast the tour guide took us to the St. Vitus cathedral which was glorious (from the inside and from the outside). After the cathedral we decided to take some alone time, took a taxi and we spent the day in the Palladium shopping centre where we bought a lot of make up products and clothes (mostly in TOPSHOP). ONCE AGAIN I was starving the whole day because we had lunch at a traditional Czech restaurant and I was pretty sad because I didn't like the food. (im soooo sorryyy). We got back to our hotel at 9 PM and went straight to bed.

The third day we grabbed some coffee at Costa and visited MAC, we had lunch at Burger King, spent the day walking around the city and we got to watch the Astronomical Clock show which was pretty cool! As for the dinner, we actually had dinner at a boat which was floating on the Vltava river and that was an extraordinary experience and we absolutely loved it.

The fourth day (also the last day) we
basically spent packing and saying goodbye to Prague and on our way home we visited the Krumlov State Catle. We tried Trdelnik which is a Slovak/Czech sweet pastry filled with chocolate and it was A-mazing! All in all, a very cute knight-like experience. When we arrived in Zagreb, we couldn't wait for another spring break. Any suggestions where we should go next year?

Written by: R.K.

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