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Every person goes through that phase when all your old furniture is just too childish and outdated and you know you're in a desperate need for a room makeover. Almost a year ago, IKEA finally opened it's door in Croatia, so most of the things you see here are from there. Personally, I find IKEA stuff affordable and it's quality is reasonable for the price you pay.

So the buddha statue/candle holder you see in the 1st picture is from JYSK  and it's quite heavy, but I think it's a perfect decoration for your desk. It's holding a vanilla scented candle. Next to it, Ronella has put a fake plant from IKEA in a white pot and a black table lamp (which she also used as a jewelry holder). The rubber sunny side up egg is actually a wallet from H&M, but you can use it as a small pouch for basically anything. I mean, it's cute, you can put it about anywhere as it is and it'd still look cute.

Next picture is showing you a little part of her KALLAX bookshelf, on which she's put some cactuses in pink pots and a white mug which she uses as everyday makeup holder.  Above her desk, there are two white book shelves. On the bottom one, she has our picture in a white frame, a succulent and two green candles. On the upper one, she has another succulent, some books and a turquoise candle. Her ceiling lamp is from Bauhaus and it's the oldest piece in her room. It's metallic orbs blend well with the rest of the room.

She has framed original Chanel Croisiere 1996/1997 photoshoot pictures, signed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, in black frames and hung them above her bookshelf and her desk. In her KALLAX she has a lot of boxes, which are used to store school papers and notebooks, jewelry and random bits and bobs.

Her bed frame is a part of MALM Series from IKEA, with gray and white bed sheets with matching decorative pillows.

Written by: A.M.

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