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Anja's July Favorites

Solid yellow t-shirt
For month of July I've been really into yellow and when I saw this tee, I absolutely knew I had to had it. I bought it in size bigger than my usual to get that baggy fit I wanted.
Bought: Zara (City Centar One East, Zagreb) for 80kn/12$

White lace shorts
Since I'm naturally tan, I love the contrast on my skin that I get when wearing all white outfits and these white lace shorts have been my wardrobe staple during these past weeks.
Bought: H&M (City Centar One East, Zagreb for 150kn/22$

Red A-line skirt and denim dungarees
I love this whole 70's vibe trend going on, so I've decided to hop on that train with this beautiful faux suede red skirt, and denim dungarees. I usually style them with a striped tee, which is kind of a 90's thing but whatever.
Bought: both Zara for a) 170kn/25$ and b) 260kn/38$

Milano black leather sandals
My dad and I share a big love for the brand Birkenstock - I've had their sandals and slippers ever since I was a little child - and naturally when official Birkenstock store opened in Zagreb, I had to go and grab me some new sandals. They're absolutely the most comfortable shoes I've ever wore -  I didn't get any blisters even though I've walked for hours in them the first day I got them.
Bought: Birkenstock (Zagreb) for 585kn/86$

Golden earrings
These golden twisted hoops are the perfect statement piece when I'm wearing a high ponytail.
Bought: Mango (Garden Mall, Zagreb) for 30kn/5$ (I'm not sure if this is still available, since it was 50% on the sale)

Eye bracelet set
I've purchased this set because I was in desperate need for some cool new bracelets, and these are just a go-to hand accessory.
Bought: Zara (City Centar One East, Zagreb)  for 150kn/22$

Golden triangle necklace
This necklace reminds me a lot of the Eye of Ra and every time I wear it, it makes me feel like an Egyptian Queen. If that's not enough to make it to monthly favs, then I don't know what is.
Bought: MANGO (Garden Mall, Zagreb) for 40kn/6$ (it was also on sale 50%)

Maybelline COLOR TATTOO in shade Metallic Pomengranate
The colour of this gel eyeshadow is extremly buildable and has a lot of shimmer to it. Also, the packaging is so huge, I feel like it's going to last me for forever. They way I like to wear it is just lightly put it all over my lids and then blend with blending brush to prevent any harsh lines. The colour is perfect for anyone with dark brown eyes, and I find it very flattering also for my skin and hair colour.
Bought: Muller (Zagreb) for 40kn/6$

Yellow nail polish
I actually wore all different shades of yellow for this past month, so there isn't just one nail polish I can include. You can say that I've become a little bit yellow-obsessed, but it's just a phase mom.

Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick
During the whole month, I've only wore this bad boy in shade Heartbreak 602 which is a beautiful coral pink.
Bought: Sephora (ordered online) for 190 kn/ 28 $

Dorothy bubble bar from LUSH
I've used this bubble bar religiously in my pamper night routine. The smells is quite exotic, but also sweet and citrusy. It colours the water bright blue, all while creating huge bubbles.
Bought: LUSH (Zagreb) for 35kn/7$

1Q84 - Haruki Murakami
This books has been sitting on my bookshelf for ages and I finally got around to actually reading it. It's a trilogy, each book has about 350 pages, but once you start reading it, you just can't stop. Haruki Murakami has a quite unique way of writing, combining the elements of real and surreal, which makes any reader wonder what's going to happen next.
Bought: Algoritam (Zagreb) for 260kn/38$

Iceberg perfume - Tender White (it was a birthday gift)
This perfume is the perfect summer scent - it opens with a fruity blend of raspberry, grapefruit and pink pepper, and then develops in a light floral and sweet notes of rose, honeysuckle and vanilla. The flacon is made of glass and it is shaped with 'broken' sides, in iridescent shades from transparent icy blue to matter white, imitating the look of icebergs.

Ronella's July Favorites

CLEAN Rain, Eau De Parfum (30 ml)
I have really been lovin' this scent because it reminds me of rain in these hot summer days when rain is needed, so if there can not be rain, why not smell like rain?
Bought: Martimex (Zagreb) for 260 kn/38 $

Zara Yellow T-Shirt
Yellow is a hit color this season and when I saw this cute t-shirt I just had to have and + it was on sale!!
Bought: ZARA (Arena Centar, Zagreb) for 40 kn/6 $

H&M Sunglasses
Lovin these sunglasses with transparent plastic frames and tinted lenses, and most importantly they are UV-protective.
Bought: H&M (Shopping Centar Cvjetni, Zagreb) for 74 kn/11 $

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm
Super-nourishing balm is loaded with mango and shea butters. Just what dry, delicate lips need to feel comfortably soft and smooth.
Bought: Douglas (Shopping Centar Avenue Mall, Zagreb) for 115 kn/17 $

Essie Let it Shine
I have been struggling with chapped nail polish ever since I started to wear it and non of the transparent top coat nail polishes ever did the trick for me, until I decided to buy this amazing Essie Let it Shine protective top coat which has been a life saver ever since.
Bought: d&m (Zagreb) for 115 kn/ 17 $

MANGO Cotton Message T-Shirt
Cotton t-shirt with message printed at front round neck and rolled-up short sleeves, perfect for hot summer days!
Bought: MANGO (Garden Mall, Zagreb) for 80 kn/12 $ (I'm sorry to inform you that this shirt is sold out in Croatia, not sure about the other countries)

Fiji Water 500 ml
Staying hydrated during the summer is really important so why not do it with a hint of style with this super cute water bottle!
Bought: Foodness (Zagreb) for 11 kn/1.5 $

H&M Scented candle
This is my all time favourite scented candle because it's really chic and it smells really citrusy. I love it!
Bought: H&M (Shopping Centar Cvjetni, Zagreb) for 85 kn/12.5 $

Magic Mike XXL
Channing Tatum, do I need to add anything else? But in all seriousness, this movie is so fun to watch with your friends and it is my honest recommendation.

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