3:51 pm

This little dessert restaurant and bakery in Vlaška 45 offers a wide spectrum of original British cakes and cookies, some of them being the shortbread cookie, Manchester pudding, Battenberg cake or custard tart decorated with slices of peach. Are you hungry yet?

There you cannot only eat all kinds of british cakes, but you can also enjoy a healthy breakfast food, such as muffins with carrots and apples or a croissant pudding with apples and blueberries. If you happen to be passing by around 5pm, drop by and hopefully you'll be just on time for five-o'clock tea party.

Interior design is classical. The simplicity of white and black walls, with just the right amount of golden details creates a warm atmosphere. The whole British theme matches perfectly with the vibe of the space. Definitely, I'm coming back to try other cakes.

Rate: ★★★★☆
Price range: cca. 16 kn/2$

Written by: A.M.

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